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Atlas Steak + Fish is built up of 5 locations across BC and Alberta. Atlas plays on the sense of culinary entertainment by incorporating table-side service and live music into their experience. 

When I first started working with the brand, the venues stunned me, but the brand language or visual identity did not communicate the in-person experience. Over the last three years, I have worked at finding a sweet spot with the brand and dove deeper into how we could nail down Atlas’s visual identity. 

Atlas offers many aspects, great food, great experience, and a stunning venue. I decided to use elements from the in-person experience and translate them into the new brand identity. That is why you will see many diagonal and geometric gold lines. They resemble the intricate light fixtures that can be seen at all five locations. 
Atlas has taken on many identities, but we have settled now into a place where our branding is revolved around great photography, clean lines, clean fonts, clever logo placement, and diagonal cuts. By communicating these main elements, we hope it sets the customers up for just as beautiful of an experience online and in person. 

Chefs Happy Hour


Atlas Burnaby is attached to the Delta hotel. This trifold was created to be placed as marketing materials in the hotel rooms. 

website redesign

Atlas’s website had been a sore spot on the brand. While it was originally built out for one website, it has since expanded to 5 locations across BC and Alberta. Along with stretched capabilities, branding has also changed. Overall, it needed a facelift!

The goal of the new website was to be user-centric. I wanted to make a beautiful website, but one that allowed the user to quickly get the information that they came for. Throughout many discovery meetings I was able to build out a website redesign proposal that covered analytics for our current website, target audience, competitive analysis, user profiles, site goals, task flows, and how we can accomplish this while rebranding to match the in-person experience. 

Once I had received the buy-in from stakeholders regarding the proposal, I built out the wireframes using Adobe XD with the research and feedback. Once the wireframes were approved, I jumped into dev. With the goal of having a flexible and easy to update website, WordPress would be the platform of choice.  

The website was built out with branding in mind every step of the way, while also being catered to our target audience and restaurant go-er. Easy navigation will take you directly where you need to go, always within two clicks. 

Food Photography

Valentine's Day 2021
Dine Out Vancouver 2021
Atlas At Home... for the holidays 2020
Thanksgiving 2020


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