Gateway Casinos

Head Office Wall designs

Large Scale Print Design

Gateway provided me and the creative team with an amazing opportunity while moving into a new office. 
We toured the new space during construction and had multiple meetings with the CEO to discuss how we can best decorate our walls and represent Gateway as a company. 
Gateway being a large encompassing brand, we had to problem solve how we could break down all it has to offer, including 27 casinos, 5 proprietary casino brands, and the associated food and beverage brands.

With a tight deadline of 3 weeks to build out 14 wall designs, including installation, we put our heads together and got to work. 
In the end, we managed to encompass all aspects of Gateway life while letting the main aspect of the company shine, the people. 

52ft wall spanning entrance receptions and executive visitors board room.

20ft wall located in the property development boardroom.

33ft wall spanning upstairs offices and workspaces.