Nutti Snacks

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Logo + Package Design | 2018

Nutti is a fictitious vegan snack company that features simplistic nut based snacks. This project was an exercise in branding a company. When approaching this project I wanted to take into consideration what the company represented. A few words came to mind: Simplistic, Natural, and Trendy.

With those keywords in mind to fuel my design, I started on the logo. I wanted to create a logo that could be used in many different scenarios; packaging, business cards, website. To accomplish this versatile design I went with bold, yet simple lettering to make it stand out. When I moved on to creating the label, I wanted to compliment the bold logo with a more delicate font to create a hierarchy on the packaging.

As I started to design the packaging I wanted to differentiate the three product’s packaging, all while showing a distinct relationship throughout the brand. I also wanted something that would be simplistic, yet call to the trendy, natural loving target audience. To accomplish this, I chose three different color schemes for the three different packages that were all in a similar tint. Then I decided to create three different patterns that were made with simplistic shapes to reinforce the initial design keywords. Each element of the product line was chosen with the brand identity in mind to create a cohesive product line to act as a form of communication to the end-user.


For this project, I wanted to create a website to build on the previous brand identity that was created. The site is hand-coded with HTML5, stylized with CSS3, and made adaptive with JavaScript and Media Queries.

The goal was to try to incorporate aspects of the packaging and colour scheme to reinforce brand identity. I first determined the hierarchy of information and worked to build the site in an easy and simple manner to digest. Working with the same keywords I used for the brand, I wanted to create the site to reflect the design and company values. To do this I used the same shapes and colours that are seen in the packaging.