ursidae music

Logo · Website


This project was in accordance with Factor Canada and the Canadian Grant program. The goal of the website was to help reinforce ursidae’s brand identity and allow for a space that was always up to date with her current shows.

The client was looking for a clean and simple website that easily communicated the core points; who ursidae is, where you can find her, how to get in contact, and visibly reinforce the brand. 


During the logo, discovery meetings ursidae and I talked about their brand and how we could translate the audio experience into something visual. 
Ursidae’s brand is deep roots and organic, while most of their visual identity grounds itself in the lush greenery and beaches on the west coast, I wanted to create a very organic looking logo without being too literal. 

The main circle in the logo can be seen as a planet focal point with a moon in orbit and rings. While this logo is not galactic, I wanted to portray the honesty and fierceness of ursidae’s highly personal music. You can imagine yourself in that center, which chaotic realness surrounding yourself. 

Ursidae had a base typeface that was previously used, for the logo we revamped and rearranged it to still show that classic ursidae brand but allow for growth.